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The Daylight Studio

Our neighbor The Daylight Studio posted a great review of the business cards we printed for their talented crew. Here is a small excerpt written by Tyler Davis of Daylight. Also check out the cool video they made during their press check at the bottom of this post

As our Daylight team has grown, we’ve felt the need for new business cards to reflect our fresh new group.  To some this is a quick and simple project, and certainly not a blog-worthy one.  But we at Daylight refused to take the easy route.  Instead of reprinting an outdated design, we started back at square one.  When it comes to your own business, nothing is good enough and this project was held against that high bar.  A growing company that sells design needs to present attractive cards when meeting new people (and potential clients!), so we went the extra mile and had beautiful letterpressed cards printed here in Southeast Portland.

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Seattle Steamroller Smackdown

Come and visit KM&Co this Friday 8/5 in Seattle for the annual SVC Steamroller Smackdown taking place at the SLU Block Party. A friendly competition to print oversized posters with the hefty help of a two-ton steamroller instead of a traditional printing press. Our attempt to gain back our champion status ; ) we will from at Noon til 1pm. Also there will be a great marketplace l with many talented folks selling their printed wares. Hope to see you there.

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Fuzz Interactive

Fuzz Interactive, rising stars in the design and web development community approached us to assist in making a show stopping business card.  The final product is one of our favorites. They were printed on 220# Lettra Pearl White with a Red 032 flood with an additional deboss pattern on the front. It brings new meaning to a tactile feel.

Once they came to pick-up their cards, the topic came up of our home built website we’ve relied on for far too long. We commissioned Fuzz to take on the task of bringing us into the modern world, giving us integrated eCommerce and mobile functionality. We’re so very happy and humbled to be featured in their portfolio next to Industrypdx, Wacom, Intel and Adidas.

Also a big high five to Dan Cronin who did a stellar job photographing our portfolio.

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Tyler Stout / Birth Announcement

If you know who Tyler Stout is, then you’ll know little Quinn’s birth announcement is a true piece of art and he has a rad dad with some cool connections. Printed on Mr. French Muscletone WhipCream 140# with Gold and Black.

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Multnomah Whiskey Library

Much like a fine whiskey its the little details that matter the most. The suite for Multnomah Whiskey Library is a good example of this ethos. Designed by Pail Design and printed on Lettra 220# in Black 4U with a scallop die cut. Also without question, MWL is one of the coolest places around with a 1,500+ spirit selection and a awe inspiring atmosphere.

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