Keegan & Co. Letterpress


Keegan & Co.

Who we are: Keegan & Co. of Madison, WI was founded by Keegan Onefoot-Wenkman in 2007. By combining knowledge of design, illustration and letterpress, we work to print beautifully; use the best materials; and support and inspire the local through to the global community.

Studio: The Keegan & Co studio is located in Madison, WI

Product: Primarily known for hand-illustrated letterpress work, Keegan & Co also creates inventive design, printing and packaging solutions for your personal, artistic or business needs. Doing job printing that can be coupled with illustration and design. The goal is to create hand-crafted, astounding impressions that have both energy and feeling.

Loving the tradition of letterpress, for its reliability, sustainability, simplicity, and tactile feel. Seeing what the best printing can do, in this modern world of immediate gratification and cheap production values, the printing is a throw-back to time when quality and beauty were a necessity in everyday life.

Working nationwide with a wide range of small businesses, design and advertising firms, freelance graphic designers, artists and individuals. Check out the portfolio for past work. You can also find more on FacebookFlickr, Instagram or tweet to Keegan & Co on Twitter!