What is modern letterpress?

At our shop, we use an array of printing equipment that is well over a 100 years old, both metal and wooden type, a 40 inch paper cutter and more. We seem old school, but thanks to technology we have found some new techniques that have made print jobs less toxic and much more efficient. We convert your digitized art to polymer plates, allowing us to print your array of images and fonts.

How much does it cost?

All of our work is custom, so there is no exact answer. Like other types of printing, each project is priced with quantities, inks, papers, die-cuts, binding or assembly taken into consideration. Unlike offset printing, letterpress printing lays down a single color at a time, requiring more hands-on attention in the press room. The result is a premium-quality finished product. Bring us in early in the production process by sending or emailing us preliminary design files and any specifications that you’ve determined, and we can put together an estimate for you.

What kind of projects can you do?

Our niche is specialty projects for creative firms, businesses and individuals. We like to work closest with our clients to push the limits of creative design and production. Utilizing dynamic printing techniques, simple but elegant binding’s and a myriad of creative production methods, we are open to your challenging projects. If you have an idea, send it our way and we’ll be glad to talk it through. Our print runs are between 1-20,000.

How quickly can you print my job?

We complete jobs within 12 business days but we are able to do rush jobs inside of 5 days. Paper orders may add additional time. We have beautiful papers available in-house to meet quick turnarounds, so please inquire when specifying your job.

Can I press check my project?

We are a small company who likes to work closely with our clients. We completely understand and appreciate your dedication to your projects. Offering press checks is one way to give our clients an even closer hand in the process. Press checks allow us to quickly make color and impression adjustments to your preferences.

What is a press test?

If you or your client is unable to visit us for the press check, we can offer a press test. A press test is an actual print of your artwork on the paper that you have selected. We print a range of impression depths and ink densities, and send them to you for approval. Press tests do require additional fees and time.

What artwork will work well with letterpress?

It’s amazing what detail you can get out of letterpress. Text and line art will print beautifully, but some large color areas and distressed artwork will not produce the best result for the medium. We always encourage our clients to send over their files as they come together so that we can help catch anything that might be problematic.

How large can you print?

Our largest sheet size for large volume production is 21 x 15 with a maximum image/print area of 20 x 15.

What kind of paper works best?

Each kind of paper reacts a little bit differently to letterpress printing. We can print on a variety of papers, from text weight papers to tagboard. We maintain a small inventory of choice stock to make the daunting task of paper hunting easier, however we are always happy to order other specialty papers. Although we generally print on thicker. Cushier papers such as cotton make a deeper impression, taking on a beautiful sculptural impression and providing a luxurious, tactile feel. We aim to work with a wide range of Post Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled or tree-free papers, most of our printing is done on tree-free cotton paper stock. Cotton is a more sustainable fiber source than wood, requiring less growth time, fewer natural resources, and significantly less processing to make gorgeous, tactile paper perfectly suited to letterpress.

Is letterpress environmentally sound?

Historically, printing has been thought of as a somewhat noxious process. However, the print communities have found some new and better alternatives to cut back on the “not so environmentally friendly” printing supplies. At our shop we choose to work with vegetable based inks that cut down on the hazardous wastes as well as using cleaning agents that are much better for us printers, shop dogs and the general air quality around us.

Can I see the shop?

We always welcome visitors especially if they come with cookies. We can always spare a few minutes for friendly faces. If we’re not around, leave us a note!