One huge benefit to working with us, is that unlike some of the larger printing houses around, we can offer a very personalized experience from concept to completion. When possible, we look forward to meeting with our clients, conceptualizing at your agency, firm, home or favorite coffee shop to go over your order and answer any specific questions you may have. We can do press tests in our studio or courier samples to you when needed.

Design files: We work directly from your press-ready design files (Illustrator EPS, InDesign, press-ready PDF’s, etc.). Our ideal is receiving native design files for output, plus a print-ready PDF file for proofing purposes. Preferably, we would receive your files by email. If your file is larger than 5 MB, you can mail your files to us on a CD. Second-best is a press-ready PDF for output, and a faxed or FedExed hard copy for proofing purposes. Photoshop files usually don’t provide crisp enough text for letterpress printing. File prep, when necessary, is billed at $60/hour. Custom design services are also available.

Inks: We match our inks to the solid uncoated Pantone guide. We stock all PANTONE base colors including silver 877U and gold 871U. Specific PMS colors require additional fees. It’s important to note that letterpress inks have a certain degree of transparency especially on colored paper. Metallic inks letterpress inks show a subtle suggestion of glitter especially on uncoated paper.

Papers and envelopes: We work with a variety of paper companies to find papers and accompanying envelopes that suit each individual project. We can print on both coated and uncoated papers and generally prefer to print on paper that is text weight or heavier. Currently we stock Crane’s Lettra cotton paper and envelopes which comes in varying thicknesses and 3 colors; white, off-white and cream color.

Impression depth: Our impression depth (how far we push the type or artwork into the paper) can range from a kiss impression to a heavy impression. Unless otherwise told, we’ll print everything with a medium impression.

Payment terms: We require a 50%, non-refundable deposit before we begin work on a project. The remaining balance plus shipping needs to be paid before we ship your pieces. We prefer cash or check for payment. Paypal is also available.

Turnaround: We aim to complete jobs within 12 business days from when we have a signed contract, a deposit, and your design files. Rush services are available. We always try to accommodate our clients, so let us know your turnaround needs! There is 25% rush fee for orders need in under 12 business days. We charge a 50% rush for orders needed in under 4 business days.

Samples: Please check out our online portfolio to see samples of our work.


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