We are proud to release the Infinite Lunar Tracking Device. This KeeganMeegan creation has been circling our brains (and hearts) for a while. It was inspired by our infinite wonder and awe of the mass of rock we call the moon. We continue to be interested in it’s phases and the affects it has not only on the way we see things, but also on how we feel things. We’ve created a participatory keepsake calendar that can be used, over and over, every year. As the month and day changes, so does the phase of the moon. You can track it by watching the lunar phases in the sky or when life (and/or the clouds) makes it difficult to stay connected to the moon, you can use our Lunar Art Print cheat sheet to get back on track. Available for sale over here. Sized at 5 x 7.5″ with silver and gold ink on 140# French Black Paper.

Like the natural and cosmic worlds, this calendar will allow for some bits of ambiguity as well as some precise tracking… We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Each infinite calendar comes with a stand and a small art print that contains the dates and times of the Phases of the Moon for that year – New Moon, Full Moon, First and Thirds Quarters. The chart was converted to Pacific Time (since that’s where we were when this lunar device was conceived). Every year a new chart, along with a new tiny art print, will be produced for you to reference and to replace the previous year’s.