Our neighbor The Daylight Studio posted a great review of the business cards we printed for their talented crew. Here is a small excerpt written by Tyler Davis of Daylight. Also check out the cool video they made during their press check at the bottom of this post

As our Daylight team has grown, we’ve felt the need for new business cards to reflect our fresh new group.  To some this is a quick and simple project, and certainly not a blog-worthy one.  But we at Daylight refused to take the easy route.  Instead of reprinting an outdated design, we started back at square one.  When it comes to your own business, nothing is good enough and this project was held against that high bar.  A growing company that sells design needs to present attractive cards when meeting new people (and potential clients!), so we went the extra mile and had beautiful letterpressed cards printed here in Southeast Portland.

Here is a link to the full post




Daylight Business Card Printing from Daylight Studio on Vimeo.